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Felino Salami

Our Felino Salami is produced using artisanal methods from coarsely cut Australian pork. The meat is mildly spiced and seasoned by hand with a blend of coriander, cloves, and cinnamon before being cured for 21 days. This delicate, balanced salami is wonderful on a cheese board with fresh ciabatta.

Product Code(s)
8007  Felino Salami

Pork (96%), Salt, Natural Flavourings, Spices including Pepper and Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide), Yeast Extract, Dextrose, Dietary fibre (Peas), Sugar, Antioxidant (301), Mineral salts (450, 451, 452), Starter Culture, Preservatives (252, 250).
Contains Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide).

This product is Uncooked Fermented Meat (UCFM). Not heat treated.

Gluten Free