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Casalingo Salami

Casalingo salami translates into “the salami of the house” and is derived from the Italian tradition of each household producing its own salami. Our casalingo salami is made using fine quality pork and cured with spices and fresh crushed garlic to create a wholesome full salami that’s rustic in its appeal and taste.  Perfect to add to a mixed platter.

Product Code(s)
8008  Casalingo Salami

Pork (95%), Salt, Spices including Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide) and Pepper, Dextrose, Natural Flavouring, Bamboo Fibre, Sugar, Antioxidant (301), Culture, Preservatives (252, 250).
Contains Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide).

This product is Uncooked Fermented Meat (UCFM). Not heat treated.

Gluten Free