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  2. Pancetta Schiacciatella (Chilli)

Pancetta Schiacciatella (Chilli)

Our chilli Pancetta Schiacciatella is made using both the pork loin and belly rolled and pressed together for a unique oval shape. Hand-salted and rubbed with spices and cracked pepper, it is air-dried for 90-120 days. The leanness of the loin and the fat of the belly produce a deliciously balanced pancetta with a nice amount of heat to elevate your next antipasto platter.

Product Code(s)
6010  Pancetta Schiacciatella (Chilli)

Pork (95%), Salt, Dextrose, Sugar, Spices including Chilli, Herbs, Antioxidant (301), Preservative (252, 250), Fibre.

Gluten Free