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  2. Cacciatore in Carta with Fennel

Cacciatore in Carta with Fennel

Our award-winning Fennel Cacciatore in Carta (‘in paper’) is a unique culinary experience. Meticulously crafted with lean minced pork, fennel seeds and carefully selected spices, this flavoursome salami is one to display on a charcuterie board or a special addition to your next pasta dish.

Product Code(s)
8047  Cacciatore in Carta (Fennel)

Pork (95%), Salt, Spices including Fennel, Sugars (Dextrose, Sucrose), Antioxidant (300), Mineral Salts (450, 451, 452), Culture, Preservative (250), Natural Flavouring, Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide), Flavouring.
Contains Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide).

This product is Uncooked Fermented Meat (UCFM). Not heat treated.

Gluten Free