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  2. Cacciatore in Carta (Hot)

Cacciatore in Carta (Hot)

With its distinctive rustic packaging, our Hot Cacciatore in Carta is seasoned with the ideal amount of spices and crushed chilli then matured slowly to create a rich, full-flavoured salami. We love this one hand sliced as a snack or fried to intensify its flavours.

Product Code(s)
8041  Cacciatore in Carta (Hot)

Pork (95%), Salt, Spices including Chilli, Sugars (Dextrose, Sucrose), Antioxidant (300), Mineral Salts (450, 451, 452), Culture, Preservative (250), Natural Flavouring, Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide), Flavouring.
Contains Garlic (Sulphur Dioxide).

This product is Uncooked Fermented Meat (UCFM). Not heat treated.

Gluten Free