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Traditional Ham

Our award-winning Traditional Ham is made from premium quality pork leg which is naturally wood-smoked to create a delicate smoky flavour. Also known as champagne ham, this succulent smallgood is a regular purchase for many families and is lovely when sliced paper thin in a sandwich or focaccia.

Product Code(s)
1002  Traditional Ham Halves
1003 Traditional Ham Quarters

Pork Leg (86%), Water, Salt, Mineral Salts (451, 508, 450, 452), Thickeners (1412, 415), Vegetable Gums (407a, 407, 412), Sugar, Dextrose, Pork Collagen, Antioxidant (316, 392), Acidulant (262, 296), Emulsifier (471), Preservative (250, 234), Yeast Extract, Canola Oil, Colour (120).

Gluten Free