Top Cut Foods Limited

We are a major customer of Fabbris Smallgoods and have been working in the Australian industry with Dino Fabbris for the last 15 years.

Fabbris Smallgoods has been one of our most valued suppliers and we have watched them grow from their smaller factory in Airport West to a much larger supplier of quality smallgoods specialising in Prosciutto.

Dino Fabbris and his staff are always prepared to take on the challenges of modern business and understand what the market and its clients demand, that being, quality smallgoods products. They are continually improving their process and products to remain competitive in the industry.

Fabbris Smallgoods are one of Top Cut preferred suppliers and we commend them on their continued excellence in supply and products. Fabbris Smallgoods is leading by example to produce and promote quality smallgood products for all Australians.

Rocco Mesiano

Chief Operating Officer
Top Cut Foods Limited


Country Choice Foods

We have been affiliated with Fabbris Smallgoods for over 23 years. We have seen Dino and his family build a business from a small family-run butcher shop to the Smallgoods manufacturing business it is today. The products are unique to Dino’s strict processing ethics that will not allow compromise on the quality of the raw materials and spices. This can only be achieved through a close relationship with his suppliers which he has clearly created.

As we watched Fabbris Smallgoods grow, one thing has remained…that being the authentic European flavour of a product that is hand made, and this is what has made Dino Fabbris and his business the successful company it is today.

Rino Esposito

Country Choice Foods