In 1980, Fabbris Smallgoods was established in the suburb of Airport West (Melbourne) being no more than a small manufacturing plant out back and a little butcher shop out front.

Dino Fabbris is the founder and the creator who had a dream to one day create a business that would produce the highest quality smallgoods that are rich in tradition and are a true European delicacy.

Today that dream has come true…

Through passion, dedication and commitment, Dino Fabbris has developed a successful smallgoods business that distributes across both Australia and New Zealand. We are now one of the leading manufacturers of Prosciutto in Australia.

From 1980 to 2001, our company operated from its original factory in Airport West producing quality smallgoods including a variety of hams, pizza lines and other smallgoods products. In 2001, a new manufacturing plant in Campbellfield (Melbourne) was opened. This new premises offers a state-of-the- art, European Style production facility in the manufacture of Prosciutto.

Fabbris Smallgoods is owned and operated by the Fabbris family. The directors are Dino & David Fabbris.