Our Origin

From one man’s dream in the 1970’s to a multi-award-winning brand, Fabbris Smallgoods has evolved to become a respected industry leader and producer of more than 50 pork and beef products from the gold medal prosciutto, ham and salami to bacon, sausages, and pancetta.

Founder Dino Fabbris has always been a dreamer. As a young man raised by Italian immigrants, Dino spent his days working in his father’s butcher shop opposite Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market. While Dino loved butchering, it was during his lunch breaks wandering the market’s bustling deli hall that Dino’s love for smallgoods began, sparking an aspiration to create authentic, Italian-style handcrafted smallgoods the traditional way.

Perfection is our obsession

From the meat we source, to our facilities, our people, process and product delivery, every element of the supply chain is considered meticulously. We’re reputed for the utmost quality so only work with select suppliers who meet our exacting standards – most of whom we have been working with for more than 40 years.

Italian tradition is ingrained in all we do at Fabbris Smallgoods. Over our forty-year legacy we have come to know our processes intimately. With a deep respect for traditional and artisan methods, we choose handmade where it counts and call in the support of state-of-the-art equipment when technology does the job best.

Our future

Following in Dino’s footsteps, with his ambition, passion and expertise deeply ingrained, Dino’s son David, who is now General Manager, has driven and overseen the company’s rapid growth since 1997, into one of Australia’s premier smallgoods companies and continues to drive its evolution into the most forward-thinking and innovative names in the industry. With siblings Taylor and Lauren, and wife Monica recently having joined the business, Fabbris Smallgoods remains family-owned and operated, backed by three generations of butchers.

The business’ commitment to quality was established by Dino and is propelled by this motivated future generation and a team of more than 50 employees.

Perfection driven by togetherness

“The Fabbris way” extends beyond simply what we create or how we create it – everything we do is driven by a passion for bringing people together. Our products are made to be shared and enjoyed amongst family and friends. Gathering around a humble spread of antipasto has always been a huge part of our family that has formed the basis of so many beautiful moments.

All Fabbris Smallgoods products are subjected to strict manufacturing procedures, including the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food safety system. We are licensed and audited by Primesafe Victoria for the manufacture, storage, and distribution of smallgoods. We use only Australian pork and are a licensee of Australian Pork Limited.